1. Precipitations
  2. Water surplus directed to the stream
  3. Supply of 550m3 of water per day from the quarry pond to supply the cement plant
  4. Harnessing of storm water in a settling basin
  5. Processing and settling basin
  6. Post-processing release in the Charlesbois stream
  • All raw materials will be stored in closed buildings to maintain their integrity and minimize the impact on the environment.
  • Fuel (petroleum coke) will be stored on a concrete slab. Runoff water will be collected into a sump and treated prior being used into the process. This water will not be discharged into the Charlebois Drain.
  • On the site, ditches will collect runoff water and direct to a settling basin.
  • The water collected will be processed in this basin before being released in the Charlesbois municipal ditch, at the north end of the site. The settling basin was designed to offer the highest level of processing, as defined by the Ministry.

Strict environmental monitoring
Water quality control will be done by periodically sampling water from the fuel storage area, water from the settling pond and stream water. The results are sent systematically to the Ministry of the Environment.

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