Colacem is seeking approval to build and operate the proposed cement plant through two regulatory
processes: the Planning Act approvals process and the Environmental Compliance Approval process.

The Planning Act approvals required for this Project are:

• an amendment to the County of Prescott & Russell (UCPR) Official Plan to re‐designate the lands, currently designated as a
Rural Policy Area;

•an amendment to the Township of Champlain Zoning By ‐law to recognize the specific use being proposed; and

•a Site Plan Approval establishing the building layout and site design including stormwater management and landscaping.

•studies completed under this process include:

•environmental Impact Statement to assess potential ecological impacts under the Provincial Policy Statement, the policies of the UCPR Official Plan, as well as other relevant legislation including the Endangered Species Act and the Fisheries Act;

• land Use Compatibility;

• review of potential impacts on agricultural operations and aggregate availability;

• a Traffic Impact Study; and

• an Archaeological Assessment of the property.

An Environmental Compliance Approval application has been sumitted to the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) in relation to air and noise emissions, and stormwater management. Environmental studies completed under this process include:

• air quality assessment to demonstrate that potential impacts to air quality are within accepted levels; a Best Management Practice Plan was prepared for dust control;

• noise assessment to demonstrate that potential noise emissions from the Project are within limits set by the MOECC; and

• stormwater Management Plan to demonstrate how stormwater will be managed on site.