In a sector of industry that contemplates huge volumes and with a strong incidence of energy costs, a key to success has certainly been the availability of highly efficient plants, that are able to reduce to a maximum possible degree, both loss of energy and of raw materials.

All this thanks to the will of always targeting the use of the best available technologies on the market and on the continuous upgrading of its plants, that today are well be considered amongst the most advanced in the world.

Control and Prevention of Emissions

Colacem productive plants adopt all the Best Available Techniques (BAT) in the field  for the protection of the environment and of Public Health, so as much as that all emission values are by far below established legal parameters.

The proposed cement plant will be equipped with a Continuous Monitoring System (CEM), that will measure, acquire, and register data pertaining to emissions, always available to local Public Health agencies for consultation.

Quarry Management and Bio-diversity

Colacem is constantly engaged in mitigating to the upmost degree the impact its quarrying activities  may have  with the goal of safeguarding biodiversity and ecosystems.